JEF Potsdam

You live in Potsdam? The Potsdam local group of the Junge Europäische Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg meets every first Tuesday of the month for Jour Fixe.

The Potsdam local group of the JEF Berlin-Brandenburg is made up of a mixed group of young people who are both still studying and already in working life. 

Gemeinsam und in Überschneidung mit der JEF Hochschulgruppe Potsdam, die wir im Herbst 2019 gründeten, engagieren wir uns für europapolitische Themen. Dabei wollen wir uns und andere von Europäischer Politik und der Europäischen Idee begeistern und zusammen die Europäische Gemeinschaft leben und vorbereiten, die wir uns für unsere Zukunft wünschen. 

We meet regularly for this purpose: 

Every first Tuesday of the month for Jour Fixe. This is the opportunity to talk about a specific topic over a drink, to which we often invite a guest as an expert. 

The topics are very diverse, ranging from historical and critical illumination of the development of European integration to day-to-day political involvement by individual actors. 

Every third Tuesday of the month we have a working meeting where we discuss and plan our further actions and events.

In 2019, for example:

  • A European bicycle tour through Potsdam, where you could get to know the intercultural side of Potsdam        
  • A stand at the Potsdam Europe Festival on May 9th
  • Distribution of 2500 flyers for the European elections
  • A European pub quiz in the Bar "Gelb"

If you want to get to know us, just come to one of our meetings!

Nach Corona sind wir jetzt wieder gestartet. Wenn Du uns kennenlernen oder mitmachen willst, kannst Du unserer WhatsApp-Gruppe beitreten.