Our Goals

Ziele der JEF-BB

Although the Young European Federalists are non-partisan, we are by no means apolitical. On the contrary: we are united not only by the European idea, but we also have a number of concrete goals that we have set ourselves over the years. Our most important goals are:

We want a federal Europe.

We want an united Europe.

We want a Europe of citizens.

We want a democratic Europe.

We want a Europe of solidarity.

We want an open-minded Europe.

We want a Europe of education. 

We want an environmentally aware Europe.

These goals are our motivation to become active on a voluntary level. Because only those who tackle things can change them. Only those who have a say can help shape things. To achieve our goals, we carry out numerous activities and events. We also clearly express our opinion on current European political issues.

Our Events, News and Projects

Our positions on current European policy

Become active, have a say and help shape the future