Simulation of the European Parliament - SIMEP

The Simulation of the European Parliament (SIMEP) was launched in 1999 by JEF-BB and has been organised every year since then with great success. Since 2009, the SIMEP has taken place twice a year.

SIMEP 2018

With this simulation game, JEF-BB offers to more than 400 interested pupils the unique opportunity to experience European politics and parliamentary procedures at first hand. For its commitment to improving mutual understanding and deepening integration in Europe, the JEF-BB has been awarded the European Citizens' Prize 2013. 

Under an annually changing motto, the participants slip into the role of MEPs for two days and discuss current and controversial European policy issues in parliamentary groups, committees and in plenary. 

With the help of SIMEP, the pupils experience for themselves how European policy actually works and how much expertise, art of argumentation and ability to compromise are required. 

Every year, the German Bundestag and the Berlin House of Representatives form the stages of this unique event and are also the setting for passionate discussions and European political enthusiasm.

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